According to Hogwarts Legacy: German magic game wants you to with Koop

The German developer Alchemist Interactive has released a new trailer for his magical co-op adventure Spells & Secrets. We introduce you to the upcoming action adventure and compare it with a real Steam classic.

More than 2,500 prospective magicians want to go to the magical school of Spells & Secrets next year and have collected $ 109,000 ** on Kickstarter. Only a little more than $ 21,000 were planned. So the game has far exceeded its goal.

In the action adventure of the German developer studio Alchemist Interactive, with a friend, a friend slips into the role of magic apprentices who struggle and puzzle through a procedural magic school .

For this you create a figure and then have access to an arsenal of physics-based spells. You then use them against your enemies or to solve tricky puzzles together.

SPELLS & Secrets 2023 for the Nintendo Switch and the PC. You can experience the game alone with the AI or in a cozy couch cop with friends. Alternatively, the game also offers an online multiplayer. You can get more information directly on Steam.

However, if you already want to get rid of your friends today, you should take a look at the classic Magicka . In the action adventure of the Arrowhead Game Studios, you have to work with physics-based spells similar to Spells & Secrets .

This game also focuses on the shared experience. On Steam you will receive the humorous co-op game for almost 10 euros . In any case, the Steam community is difficult to do and evaluates Magicka on average “very positive”.

In 2015, Magicka 2, by the way, was published with Magicka 2, who is also recommended and was well received by the Steam users. So you can bridge the waiting time until the release of Spells & Secrets.



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