All XP Fortnite Chapter 2 Parts Places 4 Season 4 Week 7 — Green, Blue, Purple, Gold

The week 7 of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 means that another set of XP parts has arrived in the game. On the map below, you can find the locations of all XP parts that have been added this week. These are based on leaks, we will update the map with all the revisions as soon as they are put online in the game.

The green pieces are worth 5000 XP, the blue pieces are worth 6500 XP and the purple pieces break down into many smaller pieces, but if you recover them all, they are worth 10300 XP. It’s a good idea to build walls around purple pieces before picking them up because it makes it a lot easier for the collection of all smaller pieces.

This week, there are two pieces purple, four green, three Blue XP and one piece of gold to collect. As always, the blue pieces are hidden in objects you will need to crush if you want to get them.

  • Blue Coin 1 — can be found at Holly Hedges on the second floor of the house at the east end of the city.
  • Blue Coin 2 — can be found at Salty Springs hidden in the gnome found in the alley to the left of the pier.

* Blue Corner 3 — Can be found at Risky Reels in a cooler boxer in one of the huts. * This week’s Gold XP coin is in the ground floor cells from Dr. Doom’s house in the field of Doom.

Remember that the XP corners stay all the season, so if you missed it during the week of their arrival, you can always recover them at any time during the season. If you are afraid to miss them, we follow all the different parts XP week after week and build a card that shows where each piece will be this season.



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