Bungie: In addition to Matter and Destiny another iron in the fire?

Incubation is not the same development

According to detailed studies of job advertisements, the writer of TweakTown is that at least a project could be in development in development, which could be neither Destiny, Lightfall or Final Shape or Matter, but something else. But you have to know the development process of a game, the authors point out. Before a game can be commercially available, the process looks like this:

Matter is likely to be a new brand

Eight jobs so deal with a new brand. Partly they are associated with it, but partly but also in the incubation projects will be listed, which in turn means that there can be overlaps. The thing is, however, the people of Tboaktown point out that there were job postings of Bungie in the past, which for one employee for a 3rd person action game and then but also employed for a first-person multiplayer -Action Game sought.

Ding is but…



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