Criticism of eternals, a Marvel movie with thousands of years of ambition

Marvel Worldwide, Inc., known as Marvel Comics, is a US comics editorial created in 1939, initially with the name of Timely Publications. Among his emblematic characters of the Superheroian genre are Spider-Man, Wolverine, X-Men, Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, the 4 fantastic, Dedevil, Punisher, the Avengers, among others. As of the 1990s, the company was positioned as one of the main comic book publishers in the country. On August 31, 2009, The Walt Disney Company bought Marvel Entertainment for about 4 billion dollars, merging on 1 January 2010. [1]

The definitive start of the phase 4 of the UCM , especially after a black widow that did not end up convincing. Now, with Eternals the most important step of this season is given, with a film of cosmic proportions, as few in Marvel Studios .

The EternalS film had the paper to present a complete dynasty of ultrapoderous beings, which inexplicably had not crossed their destination so far with the Avengers and company . How was it possible?

To top it up, you must explain a series of crucial standards and hierarchies for the cinematographic universe Marvel , at a time when the spectators are still ending how to assimilate how Multiverse works.

Someone is needed with talent and tables to address these stories of eternal (very important characters at the stage of the legendary Jack Kirby at Marvel Comics) and from Marvel Studios opted for Chloe Zhao , responsible for Outstanding Nomadland or The Rider.

She has transferred her sensitivity to A genre very accustomed to pyrotechnics as is that of superheroes and the result is … definitely unusual.

Without entering spoilers, the story talks about the eternal , some beings that the heavenly (entities larger than the planets themselves, which are very high in the hierarchy of the universe) sent to earth thousands of Years for Stop deviations , some beings who threatened all humans.

Centuries after having finished all the deviantents, they reappear, which forces the eternal to meet again … and there the adventure starts.

Well, what starts there is a saying, because the Eternalback film splashes Flashbacks constantly , so that we understand what the presence of these beings in the history of humanity has been.

This resource is risky, because can cause the narrative to become too dense (did anyone say the Walking Dead?), But here it really helps us not to understand what happens but to know very closely to certain characters.

And is that the footprint of Chloe Zhao shows in a very complicated balance between showing us what can be expected in a superhero film (fights and very spectacular battles, among other things) and an intimate side and Reflective that is relatively atypical in gender.

It is true that not all the characters are just as well treated, but those who cook, they calm down. We see your internal conflicts, your dilemmas, but also your passions (eye, this is the First Movie Marvel in which you see a sexual scene , although it is a brief). Her romances have a lot of Greek tragedy, which is not casual.

Apart from his most personal pulsions, the protagonists also have many reflections on humanity itself . In that sense, this is the Marvel film that reflects most about the human condition itself. To what extent do we deserve to be protected or saved? Are we worthy or are we just a selfish race?

The excuse for the return of the detriances already serves to make us think about ourselves and our dignity in the whole of the cosmos. In that sense, it is undeniable that there is a lot of Jack Kirby or Stan Lee in history : That spark of divinity in humans that makes cosmic beings stop to think about us.

Vale, a lot of bossed roll, but … What about humor and action of Marvel s movies? Yes, Eternals has all that, of course. Of course, Humor is not so habitual and, in general, it is quite bobalicon . Comic relief appears above all with Kingo de Kumil Ninjiani.

The parts of action, on the other hand, are a real festival of blows and frantic rays , while the camera flies next to the heroes to follow the action closely. They are intense and very aesthetic duels, who know how to be fierce but also elegant.

And talking about the aesthetics, we can not leave aside the heavenly themselves , that when they appear they have dimensions that take away their breath. Again, it is impossible to remember the original comics of the Eternals own or those galactic epics Silver Surfer / Silver Surfer.

The soundtrack also get some emotional melodies Calar when it touches reflect on the human condition and other very epic when it gets hard.

But what about the actors themselves Eternals? Because the roster of players is not small, precisely. The main role is to Sersi Gemma Chan (curiously, she already played another character from the UCM, as was Minn-Erva in Captain Marvel).

She carries the weight of the main story with a pretty solid and convincing interpretation, although we have particularly impacted us the tortured but very elegant Thena Angelina Jolie. Again, Ms. Jolie screen looks eats with her and she poses it.

There are many important actors, such as the Ajax of Salma Hayek (which may not impact as much as his character requires) or ikaris ( Richard Madden , Robb at game of thrones).

The latter is very important in the plot and manages to live with his performance, like Bryan Tyree Henry as Phastos, Don Lee like Gilgamesh, Barry Kheogan as Druig, Lauren Ridloff like Makkari or the young Lia Mchugh as Sprite, It is a fairly complicated role.

All of them represent different ethnic groups and origins, at the same time that the film seeks to represent also the LGTBI + collective in different facets. Yes, we know what you will be thinking: it is already disney by putting off the SJW Agenda with a shoeler.

However, In this film all that variety feels like something logical and natural, nothing forced . And it is that it is part of the important message: In that variety of the group of humanity, a good part of its beauty .

Interestingly, that in what is most falters EternalS film is in the sections, mainly the finals, where you try to be too Marvel , cinematographically speaking. Not because the execution of itself is wrong, but because it sounds like it already seen it a thousand times .

In a way, it is like seeing an Avengers endgame in which the appearance of the characters have changed, but the tempo and the events themselves are not as interesting as the foundations we saw at the beginning.

For all this and for wanting to cover, literally, thousands of years of history, there will be part of the public that is unaccustomed with the film. There will be someone who thinks it is too grandiloquent and there will be those who think it is too much Boba . But Eternals, more than many other Marvel films, Find the emotional connection with the viewer .

If you let yourself be carried away by your lyric, more than your epic, you will see a different and even warm perspective when approaching the superhero concept. That does not have to be all of everyone s taste. By the way, the two post-specific scenes are quite important for the future of the UCM , so it seems that the concept of eternal promises interact more than before with the poor mortals …



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