Deadly Dozen Reloaded: leads your squad behind enemy lines in summer

Details for the game

Represents a squad of four players from a list of 12 playable characters together, each with unique values, weapons and equipment capabilities, and leads them behind the enemy lines to achieve dangerous goals that are critical to the War efforts of the Allies.

Main features

  • New interpretation for the modern era: graphics and audio are not the only things that have been updated. The enemy-Ki is now sophisticated and makes the fighting exciting, and the revised vehicle physics makes driving to the goals fun and more realistic.
  • 10 Gigantic missions: large, true to original maps with destinations that can be addressed in any order. Each mission will take on normal difficulty over an hour.
  • Customizable equipment: eleven different weapons — six American and five German — and seven different equipment, including first aid boxes, binoculars and a variety of explosives, enable players to adapt their troops to their playing style and their mission targets.
  • No more Permadeath: Players can experience a heartbreaking escape with half of their team, and fallen squad comrades are restored for the next mission. No more memory files!



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