Details of “Overwatch 2” Pin Systems! Pin tracking enemy heroes while in the field of view

  • On the pin system, one button allows you to pin the pins along the context according to the type of object ahead of the line of sight.
  • While the enemy hero is in the field of view, the pin tracks the enemy hero and it will be fixed at the end where the figure appears last if it comes out of the view.
  • Pin behavior depends on the abilities of the hero. The Sombra’s “Translocator”, “Meteo Strike” of Doux Fist, “Fade”, “Fade”, tracer ‘Recall’, etc. are an example of the ability to pins.
  • Press and hold the pin button to display the pin wheel, and you can transmit various information such as attack goals, defense goals and support requests.
  • A unique interaction is also available to respond to teammate pins.
  • If a specific player is disconnected and feels unpleasant, the player or chat block can also hide only the pins of the player.
  • It is undecided whether or not the currently implemented connection prevention function will finally leave, but I would like to identify what is the best for the community.



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