Exactly how to play Phasmophobia on Oculus Quest 2

First actions with Oculus Quest 2 on the computer

As well as that’s all you require to understand to enter the world from Phasmophobia in virtual reality! If you love every little thing about the video game, yet often find it tough, be sure to have a look at our section phasmophobie guidelines Where you can Discover all the spirits that you will meet The cursed Proprietor that you should avoid as well as How to triggers a reaction with the Ouija board . Have a good time searching, dear ghost followers!

  • Check out the Meta-Quest-Shop and download the Oculus app on your PC
  • Download Steam If you haven’t done this yet, as well as purchase it Phasmophobia
  • Configuration trip connection or either purchase an main pursuit connection cord or a linking wire from third-party service provider
  • A fixed wiring is suggested, as this allows a lot more smooth data transmission
  • Connect your connection cord or begin Air Link and browse to Heavy steam, open Phasmophobia and continue with the game
  • Movement-Left Thumbstick
  • Program movement-move appropriate thumbstick/head
  • Duck-Crouch in the real world
  • Regional conversation-speak after it has actually been turned on in the setups
  • Radio Talk-Take the Walkie-Talkie and also hold it to your head so that it will transmit what you claim
  • Diary-right or left hand near your right shoulder, hold down handle and bring the journal to your reading level
  • Hold up objects-handle switch (inner button).
  • Allow the item fall-the handle switch (press once again).
  • Primary object-trigger (per hand).



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