FC Bayern | Coach shocked by Lewandowski

Bayern Munich s basketball coach Andrea Trinchieri is looking for the exchange with his football colleague Julian Nagelsmann. He is super modern and ahead of his time, said the 53-year-old Italian in an interview with the Münchner Merkur / Tz : That s very important. I would like to see a training session of him and watch as he with the Players interacts. Live in the Allianz Arena, the busiest Trinchieri has not been able to follow a game yet, but that is also on the note of the experienced coach, which led his team in the past season into the play-offs of the Euroleague and the Cup victory. He is particularly impressed with the footballers next to the German national players Joshua Kimmich and Manuel new also by Straillstar Robert Lewandowski. He was almost shocked from the efficiency of Poland, said Trinchieri: He s like a jukebox: you just have to put a coin pure and get something out.

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