FC Bayern Munich — RB Salzburg, Voices and Reactions: Positive Corona

FC Bayern Munich enters the second leg against RB Salzburg in the Champions League. Julian Nagelsmann announced before the game that Oliver Kahn had a positive corona rapid test.

Julian Nagelsmann (coach Bayern Munich) over…

… Robert Lewandowski (in front of the game): “In the talks I’m not involved, then you have to ask Hasan questions or Oliver Kahn. I do not write before, when the talks take place. Lewy white from me and from the club, that we absolutely want to keep him, I have led many talks with him about content things. I take him totally in my considerations, because I want him to always be able to bring his best performance and that He is also fed and satisfied with the necessary balls. “

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… Oliver Kahn’s missing (before the game): “He had a positive quick test. He did not cancel because he had no desire.”



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