Fortnite classic: it is possible to play chapter 1 and the original island, and we tell you how

Royal Battle (バトル · ロワイアル, Batoru Rowaiaru), also abbreviated Br, is a Japanese film directed by Kinji Fukasaku, released in 2000. This film is the adaptation of Kōshun Takami s eponymous novel, published in 1999 and which was also adapted (under the same title) in manga. It is followed by Royal Battle 2: Requiem, realized in 2003 by Kenta Fukasaku, a screenwriter of the first opus and son of Kinji who died during the shoot.

Many nostalgic hope that Fortnite will win ahead and allow them to play the initial map again. Although the changes happen gradually, it is totally true that today s island, at all it looks like a few years ago, specifically to that of chapter 1 of the game. After a whole chapter and a good handful of seasons, who have been playing for years playing Battle Royale of Epic Games Want back that Fortnite Classic .

There were rumors about whether the appearance of the cubes a little bit in the game could involve a temporary leap to the past, but finally it turned out to be the presentation of the queen of the cubes . It is for them that the players have been eager to pull nostalgia and return to historical locations as chopped floors .

Thanks to the user of Fortnite TheBoydilly , we can enjoy the creative map Athena Royale — OG Fortnite . In essence, this does not cease to be the original Fortnite map created within Fortnite and with the Fortnite Graphic Assets. A perfect recreation and that seeks to completely reproduce the game that we all could live a few years ago on our PCs and consoles.

You do not have a strange mod or download anything from the dark web. The original Fortnite map is available thanks to one of the EPIC Games tools. It does not stay in a visual approach, since original objects and weapons are available, there are weekly stars and can play up to 50 total players. It has just been released, so the map has some errors that the Creator promises to solve as the days pass.

To access the original Fortnite map you can go to the official link within Epic Games, or use the creative map code: 3206–9524–5936

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