Fortnite reveals the new game mode impostors

Epic Games revealed a new fortnite mode on Tuesday that is again inspired by the successful game Entre us. This new impostors mode forces players to play a game of agents against impostors where impostors have to try to take control of The Bridge while the agents try to determine who is a traitor. The mode is now available for people to prove it, and even have some traditions of tradition within forTnite History as well.

While another Entre _The modes of style found in games like call of duty modify the formula a bit, this imposts mode in _fortnite is as shameless as a _entre _ imitation that we could get. The agents have to complete tasks while trying to find out who the impostors are. The impostors have their own tasks that they can complete to mix with the agents and can eliminate agents if they believe they have an opportunity to do so. Once an eliminated agent is discovered, the other agents can report the finding, which results in all being transferred to The Bridge for a discussion and a possible voting session to expel someone.

The bridge is under attack!

Will you guarantee the security and protection of The Bridge … or will you follow the steps of Jones and sabotage the imagined order from inside?

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The impostors have a pair of special skills that they can use to divert people from their ways and cause chaos. Disable assignments temporarily stops progress in all tasks, Teleporting players moves all agents and impostors to a new location, and Peely Party converts everyone into Peely so that players can not easily determine who is who is who is .

Impostors does not have a public voice chat to guarantee impartiality, but the game mode still supports group chat, as well as a fast chat function and emits that allow players to discuss their findings. You can also queue for a private game with your friends if you just want to play with people you know.

While this mode is beautiful according to the books when it comes to Entre us- inspired modes, it has some link with the tradition of the game as mentioned above. Following agent’s actions Jones at the end of the last season in fortnite, it has now been determined that Jones was not working alone and that there are other threats perceived within Imagined Order. The trailer from above throws something more light on how the war between impostors and agents manifests itself in fortnite.

Recent filtrations indicated that fortnite could be receiving a The moment, but it seems that this impostor mode is as close as we will reach that happens. _Fortnite I had another Entre us- style mode available in December 2020 if all this sounds familiar, but that way was different from the impostors we have now.

_ Fortnite_ The new impostors mode is now available on all platforms.



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