Friendship to the fullest Fortnite: How to get free rewards

Battle royal (plural battles royal, likewise royale) traditionally describes a fight involving lots of contenders that is combated till just one boxer stays standing, typically performed under either boxing or wrestling rules. In recent times, the term hpoints actually been used in an extra general feeling to describe any type of battle entailing lots of people who are not arranged right into intrigues. Within battle sporting activities and professional fumbling, the term hpoints a particular significance, depending on the sporting activities being gone over. Outdoors sports, the term battle royale hpoints actually tackled a brand-new meaning in the 21st century, redefined by Koushun Takami’s 1999 Japanese dystopian unique Battle Royale points well points its 2000 movie adaptation of the same name. This brand-new definition of battle royale refers to a fictional narrative category and/or mode of home entertainment motivated by the movie, also called fatality games points well points killing video games, where a select team of people are advised to eliminate each other up until there is a victorious survivor.

Epic Games announces Friendship to the maximum , a new event of Fortnite Battle Royale that allows us to win awards and rewards free by the mere fact to play with friends to this video game. We tell you everything we know about this new event of sepointson 7 of battle ppointss of fortnite chapter 2 just below:

Friendship to the fullest in Fortnite: dates, schedules and how to participate

  • Emoticon intergalactic grip: 3 points
  • Invpointsive Remix Music: 10 points
  • Wrapping on the beach: 20 points

* Acuapic collection tool: 50 points

For Participate , we must do the following:

  1. We enter the Friendship website to the fullest, and we log in with our Epic Games account.
  2. Done this, just play games with people from our Friends list of Fortnite. We will obtain unlimited points on a daily bpointsis for playing duos, threesomes and squads with friends, and up to six points a day for playing with friends in creative way.

These are ways to earn points :

  • For every 10 minutes played together at Battle Royale = 1 point
  • For every 10 minutes played together in creative mode = 1 point (up to a maximum of 6 points)
  • Bonus: During the 60-minute bonus period you choose, you will receive an X3 bonus when you play Fortnite (for example, for every 10 minutes of game together = 3 points).

Another thing to keep in mind is the fact that we can set an hour of the day in which we will win the triple points ; We can choose the time of day that we want:

With the more friends we play at the same time, more points will be obtained, which will make it epointsier to get the rewards.

Epic Games clarifies that The rewards will be awarded directly to each player’s EPIC account in one (1) hour after reaching the goal of points of the reward in question , so do not despair if not Get the objects instantly after having reached a minimum of points to get them.



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