GENSHIN IMPACT 3.3: All about the update with new mode, wanderer, Raiden’s return and more

HOOVERS revealed on Friday (25) the special presentation program of version 3.3 of Genshin Impact, a live oadcast with the main news of the updates. From December 7, players will be able to try their luck with the new characters banners, which feature the introduction of Walk and Tarzan, as well as the return of characters already known to the community. It will still be possible to discover a new part of the main plot with the mission of the Arcane and the arrival of the way the sacred call of the seven. We gathered the main details announced for the game.

The new mission of Arcane, chapter of the interlude of the mission of Arcane: Inversion of Genesis, gives protagonism to Scaramouche, now under the name of wanderer and will explain another part of his story in which the messenger of the Fate is behind, giving Life to the user of the vision anemia. The plot of continuation The character’s journey after being defeated as a man created by man in the last mission of Arcane. Now Walker will choose a different way under Bahia’s custody, players will join the character to find out more in Arminius.

In the trailer, Scaramouche steals the attention, and it seems that the situation between him Dot tore is not the best. But the former Patti intends to follow his own way.

Update banners have the addition of two new characters: Walker and Tarzan. Along with them, named names return to the game, giving players another chance to get the five stars. Into, Maiden and Amato will also be distributed between two banners, which divide the update.

  • Part 1: Walker, Into and Tarzan
  • Part 2: Maiden and Amato

Scaramouche as a playable character is a highly commented topic in the Genshin Impact community and will finally materialize. With a new vision, name and look, the character arrives at the character prayer banner with Tarzan. Unlike wanderer, she had not been presented in the game’s plot before. Remember that both have had leaked game plays to increase the anxiety of fans.

The wanderer is a catalyst carrier and animus vision of 5 stars. He draws attention for the ability to float and attack in the air, and in combat has the main DPS function and its power is increased when contacting Hydro, Pro, Cry or Electron. With your supreme creates vacuums to crush your enemies and damage I ane in the area several times.

Tarzan debuts at Genshin Impact as an AEMO 4 stars of rarity. It is known as the eternal genius of the academy in mechanisms. In combat, it helps the team as a support by offering annexes damage bonus effects while weakening the animus resistance of opponents.

Tullaytullah’s Reminiscences catalyst is the new five-star patch weapon, which arrives to accompany a wanderer and should be available at the upcoming gun prayer banner. Another novelty is the sets of artifacts, chronicles of the desert pavilion and the lost paradise flower. With the first, the character receives bonus of damage and elevation in the attacks, while the second provides an increase in elemental proficiency and bonus in flowering reactions and more.

The update will be full of events. The main one, Courage Test, will challenge players and Arawak Into to complete several special mini-games of stroke. You can redeem the new 4-star sword called Toukabou Figure.

There are also minor events, such as through the jungle, whose goal is to collect jungle balloons in a limited time. The hide-and-hide game, Wind Labyrinth, and the Front Line Challenge event return with changes.

The wait is finally over and the collectible card game joins the game officially in version 3.3. The sacred call of the seven combines the fun of the element-based combat system, well known as Genshin Impact, with strategies. Players and NPCs will be able to duel with their card collections.

Hoovers has revealed that the game will work as follows: the winner needs to defeat all the character’s character cards using the normal, elemental and supreme attack of their own character cards. The player will need the right strategies to exchange cards and trigger elemental reactions to apply more bonuses and effects with various action cards.



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