God of War Ragnarök: Song of the Sands solved

In this quest guide to Songs in God of War Ragnarök you will learn:

The favor of song of the Sand brings the two prisoners in Hangups together again in God of War Ragnarök. You have to beat yourself through a cave full of puzzles, light albums and grim, before you will finally be rewarded with the silver trophy Guff Total. In this guide we take you through the quest.

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So that you can start the favor the song of the Sand, you must have completed the main quest Die Billing in Anaheim and the favor The Secret of the Sand (Quest Guide) in Álfheimr. You also need Freya as a companion.

If you are ready, return to Álfheimr with Freya to the optional area Was Orland. In the northwest of the area you will find a portal that you can open with Freya’s help. After a short sleigh ride, you reach the secret region The Forbidden Sand and the favor The Song of Sanders begins.

As before, there is a desert tower in the forbidden sands, which is already enormously restricting the view. Run through the desert in a northwest direction until you reach a mountain. Orientate yourself on the red luminous stick substance, which is behind a grille. South of it you will find the entrance that is weakened weakly by a few torches. Climb down the cave and destroy the sound stones with Freya’s sound arrows to clear the entrance.

In the cave you come across two new types of stock substance:

  • Siling-sensitive stick substance can be opened with a sound arrow. It usually releases the twilight or sound stone for a short moment.
  • Massive stick substance can only be blown up using a twilight st1. Once you have found a twilight stone nearby, you have to find the right angle to cut the Leviathan ax into it and destroy the stick substance by a rebound.

Swing over the right gorge and climb the rock wall. At the fork, you can open the stick substance on the left with a sound arrow and destroy the sound stones behind it. The path is free. Swing down with the chaos blades along the anchor points until you reach the next stick substance. In front of it is a twilight st1. Flow the Leviathan ax into the stone so that it bounces off and destroys the stick substance.

After a few shepherds, grim and light albums, a gap continues in the wall. You reach a massive stick substance. To the left of it you can see a sound-sensitive stick substance that you can open with a sound arrow. She releases a twilight stone for a short moment. Throws the Leviathan ax to the stone and the rebound destroys the massive stick substance.

There is another fight against Grimm and light albums. Complete the attacker and climb the rock wall in the southwest. On the other hand, the path is blocked by three stick substances, as you know it from the first Hague cave. Jump down the cliff and hurl the Leviathan ax in an angle in which you hit all three substances one after the other. You are now standing in front of the tied Hague.

Pure to solve the bonds as follows:

  1. Throws the Leviathan ax through the two stick substances in the northwest to solve the first Hague bondage.
  2. Hurls the leviathan ax to the twilight stone in the southwest. The rebound destroys the massive stick substance and releases an anchor point for the chaos blades.
  3. Looks west and shoots a sound arrow into the sound-sensitive stick substance. It opens briefly and releases a twilight st1. Hurls the ax and the rebound destroys the stick substances of the second Hague bondage.
  4. Looks north and throws the Leviathan ax through the stick substances to solve the third Hague bondage.

Follow Freya in the exposed chamber and kill the mountain and the grim. As a reward, you can loot a legendary chest and take the Nemetschek Butter flower (heavy rune attack for the chaos blades) with you. Climb up the rock wall. You land again in front of a massive stick substance. Flow the ax into the Summer Stone in the south to destroy it and start with the chaos blades at the exposed anchor point.

At the next level you turn the pendulum twice with the Leviathan ax to the right. Then you hurl the ax onto the twilight stone on the left, and she pierces the massive stick substance. Climb up again at the exposed anchor points. After a fight against a light album warrior, you reach the surface. Take the sled, drive west and frees the second Hague with an anthem on the red shining plant. More guides about God of War Ragnarök: God of War Ragnarök: Freya’s missing peace-Quest-Guide God of War Ragnarök: In the Services of Asgard-Quest-Guide God of War Ragnarök: Spirit of the Rebellion & The Lost Treasure solved Visit us on Facebook and Instagram and discuss your favorite games with us.



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