Instead of always stealing to Pubg, Fortnite is now copying AMONG US in the new mode

This is what makes the new Fortnite mode so interesting

The new Impostor mode is unequivocally based on Among Us, not just because the game experience puts you on the role of an agent. The principles of the mode are basically identical to Steam’s success. As a result, Among US fanatics do not throw themselves into the abyss, but know what to expect.

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Among US is not an isolated case: Pubg provides more evidence of this

Fortnite not only used Among US ideas box, but also from Pubg. In the past there have been cases in which Fortnite has been accused of stealing all the basic concept of Pubg:

  • The style of the interface
  • The number of players in a match
  • The superposition of the sight



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