Mass Effect 2 Suicide Mission: How to leave everyone alive on the last mission of me 2

Mass Effect 2 has one of the best final missions in the history of the games. Known as Suicide Mission , she has many variations of those who live and who dies and much of it is related to Shepard choices during the game and during the mission itself.

In this guide, we will show you how to do it to leave everyone alive in the Suicide Mass Effect mission 2. Including all 12 Squad Members and the Normandy crew. It is possible that everyone survives, but it is also possible that everyone dies (including Shepard).

Mass Effect’s main plot is on the Stop The Collectors mission that will gain new nicknames as the game advances. However, before focusing on her, Shepard has to recruit Squad Members to be part of the team.

Three of them offer Normandy improvements so that the ship has more chances in the war against the Collectors. To get them, just talk to Jacob, Tali and Harris and select the upgrade option.

Jacob: SALARIES ARMOR TECH -CUSTOM: 15 thousand from Palladium Tali: Cyclone Shield Tech -Customer: 15 thousand from Palladium Harris: Than ix cannon -Customer: 15 thousand of platinum

These upgrades are mandatory for everyone to survive. For each improvement not made , a character will die when Shepard and friends arrive at the base collector.

Having Squad Members loyal is the first step in ensuring everyone’s survival and greatly facilitates the process. Some missions yield some pranks and can end with some non-loyal characters.

At the Added Loyalty Mission, you will have to choose between save workers or pursue video Santiago . If you wanted to save the innocent, you need to have a lot of reputation for you to ensure the loyalty of Based.

So if you follow Paragon, leave this mission more to the end of the game. If it is the renegade path of reaching Video, Based will be loyal automatically without any problem.

In this mission, just investigate all the tests and be aware of what Samara talks about Corinth. When Corinth call you to talk, choose the options that fit what learned from the investigation . In the end, choose between Samara and Corinth: Who survives will be loyal.

So that Tali is loyal, just do not deliver the evidence that her father made bullshit in research with Get.

After fulfilling the loyalty missions of Miranda and Jack, the two will begin to fight. To separate without choosing one side, you need to choose the options for Paragon or Renegade. However, a lot of reputation is needed for this.

So don’t do both at the beginning of the game , leave at least one more to the end (when your reputation bar comes and fill the last block a little). If you have to take sides with one, the other will lose the loyalty.

It is possible to recover the loyalty , but this will also require Paragon/Renegade (but at a lower level). Watch out, because you cannot resume a romance from whom you have lost your loyalty. So if you have no reputation, defend your big guy!

Same case of Miranda and Jack. As Legion appears at the end of the game, you will probably have a reputation to separate the fight without consequences. If you want a lot of extra dialogue, leave to make Tali’s Loyalty Mission only after activating Legion and take the Get on the mission.

Both in this fight and the previous one, you should have no problem if you are following a 100% gameplay (or almost that) Paragon or Renegade. If you are alternating attitudes, you can have the options blocked in both discussions.

This is the mission where we recruit Legion. After this mission, an accountant will start and this can cause death of the crew . As we want to keep even the living characters alive, we’ll talk about how to proceed.

Do all the main and loyalty missions before investigating generic reaper quoted by the Illusive Man (or leave only Tali’s Loyalty Mission, as we mentioned). After that, do the mission and don’t play Legion for Airlock Normandy .

Do not interact with the Galaxy Map and Go activate the Get on Ia Core inside Med Bay. Talk to Legion a few times until he talks about Heretic Station, thus releasing Lead’s mission House Divided .

If it does not arise, do Tali’s loyalty mission (light Legion for dialogues and extra scenes) and talk to Legion again to receive his loyalty mission. After completing Get’s Loyalty Mission, Normandy will be invaded by the Collectors.

After Joker and EDI expelling Normandy’s Collectors, Shepard can go to Omega 4 Relay immediately or continue to explore the galaxy doing missions normally.

So we talk to finish everything before, because to save the entire crew from the ship, we need to go to Omega 4 Relay immediately . If you do 1 to 3 missions before going, half the crew (including Kelly Chambers) will die.

If you do 4 or more, only Doctor Chakras will survive. Remembering that only missions made tell the timer. Go somewhere to buy upgrades (Citadel, Ilium, etc.) does not count as a mission.

Now we go to the suicidal mission itself.

Although this name is not official, Shepard several times in the game cites that it is a mission without return, which does not expect to return and so on. Even on the mission to recruit Samara there is a really cool dialogue about it… Anyway, let’s start talking about the mission.

After entering Omega 4 Relay, things can start to go very wrong even before reaching the base Collector. Normandy will be under attack if the Salaries Armor Tech (Jacob upgrade) has not been installed, Jack will die (whether loyal or not).

The next fatality will be in Engine Room if the Cyclone Shield Tech (Tali upgrade) is not installed. There they can die Kashmir, Tali or Legion . So if you want someone specific to survive, take the Squad mate to battle against Oculus.

The last low of this first part will be if the Than ix Cannon (Harris upgrade) is not installed. If you have the three upgrades, everyone will be alive for now.

After landing on the base collector, it was time to infiltrate the scene. On the plan, Shepard will need to select two specialists. Any error in the selection will make the character sent in the ventilation die.

To go to ventilation, a hacker is required. Although Jacob will volunteer, we know that he is no Tech Expert. So the only plausible options are Kashmir, Tali or Legion.

Ideal: Kashmir, Tali or Legion . The chosen needs to be loyal Not ideal: any other character and Kashmir/Tali/Legion not loyal

Consequence: If the wrong expert is chosen (or an ideal but not loyal), he will die trying to close the door at the end of the mission.

The other specialist chosen by Shepard will lead a team to draw the attention of the Collectors on the alternative path. The only safe options are Harris, Miranda or Jacob. No, Based is not a good choice (although he founded the Blue Suns…).

Ideal: Harris, Miranda or Jacob . The chosen needs to be loyal Not ideal: any other character and Harris/Miranda/Jacob not loyal

Consequence: If the non-ideal expert is chosen here, Tech Specialist will die. Even though it is ideal and loyal, hacker will die if Shepard choosing the leader of the fire team .

Here you will find what’s left of Normandy’s kidnapped crew. If you have followed everything that has been said in this guide, everyone will be saved. If he has not done, Kelly will die in the pod instead of Horizon’s survivor.

In this part, Shepard needs to select two experts, and a third for everyone to survive. One to create a biotic field, one to lead another Fire Team and one to protect Normandy’s crew.

Once again someone from Cerberus can make Shepard choose wrong. Instead of Jacob, it is now Miranda who says that any biotic can create a protection field against the Seeker Stars. Don’t fall for it. Choose Jack or Samara/Corinth.

Ideal: Jack or Samara/Corinth . The chosen needs to be loyal Not ideal: any other or jack and Samara/Corinth not loyal

Consequence: If a non-ideal expert is chosen, one of the Squad Members will be taken by the Seeker Stars at the end of the mission.

As in the first part, a distraction team will be sent by another route. The requirements are the same last time, but with a benefit. Miranda need not be loyal in this part.

Ideal Harris or Jacob (loyal) or Miranda (loyal or not) Not ideal: any other or Harris and Jacob not loyal

Consequence: If a non-ideal expert is chosen, he himself will die in an attempt to close the door . If an ideal is chosen, it will take a shot, but will survive .

After deciding experts, Doctor Chakras asks Shepard to choose someone to accompany her and Cerberus’s crew back to Normandy. Shepard may deny, but it will make anyone in the crew survive.

Whoever is chosen will not be present in anything else going forward, so think about it. Any Squad Member Lead will take everyone safely. If a non-loyal is chosen, he will die, but the crew will come to safe.

We recommend choosing Morin, Kashmir, Jack or Tali. These four characters are the weakest for a future part of the mission (the famous Hold the Line). So send one to make work easier later.

Ideal: Anyone Lead (Preference: Morin, Kashmir, Jack or Tali ) Not ideal: anyone not loyal

Now it’s time to choose two characters to accompany you in the final battle. The rest will be to hold the enemies behind the door. Before making the decision it is good to pay attention to some points.

This team will go to the end and there is no change after the choice. Members loyal always will survive , while squad mates not loyal will always die after the boss.

  • Ideal: Anyone Lead
  • Not ideal: anyone not loyal

We recommend taking at least one of the three left between Morin, Tali, Jack and Kashmir . The group behind it needs a certain defense score for everyone to stay alive. These four members have little score and play the average team down.

As in our gameplay everyone is loyal and we had no low , we decided to choose the characters for pure taste really. So we went from Miranda and Legion , with no relation to the Hold The Line score.

To protect the door, everyone who wasn’t with Shepard will be to battle the Collectors. There is a Hold the Line Calculator where each character has a certain score. An average is done with these numbers and depending on the result, the Squad Members begin to die.

The number of when the characters start to die, but the supposed scores of each character circulate on the internet. Below you can check it out to think better about who leaves behind.

4 points (3 if not loyal):

  • Harris, Grunt and Based

2 points (1 if not loyal):

  • Miranda, Jacob, Thane, Legion and Samara/Corinth

1 point (0 if not loyal):

  • Morin, Jack, Tali and Kashmir

Here is also the best chance of some character not loyal survive a mission suicide. If the score reached is not required, there is an order of which Squad Members will begin to die.

According to the wiki the order is: non-loyal characters> Borden> Tali> Kashmir> jack> Miranda> Jacob> Harris> Samara/Corinth> legion> thane> based> grunt

The order is very similar with the defense scores. The only exception is Harris, as Turin does not should die before Samara, Legion and Thane. Usually leaving Harris, Based and Grunt behind it is usually enough for everyone to survive.

If you take Miranda with you in the final part of the mission, and she survives, an extra dialogue can happen with illusion man . To do this, just Shepard reject the idea of Cerberus’s leader and decide destroy the base Collector .

With this, Illusive Man will ask Miranda to intervene in the decision. Operative Lawson will not only refuse to follow the orders, but will be dismissed to the living on the call.

After the battle, Shepard will go after the two Squad Members. If they are read, they will be alive. But if they are not loyal, both will be lifeless. On the radio, Joker gave information about who survived from the group behind it.

If you have followed the tips of this guide, all Squad Members will have survived the Suicide Mass Effect mission 2. With this, Shepard runs away from the base and jumps to reach Normandy. With live characters to help board, the commander is rescued.

The surviving characters are seen while Shepard walks through the ship and reads reports on the reapers. Until a gigantic fleet of reapers comes from Dark Space, thus ending this masterpiece called Mass Effect 2.



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