Monster recruitment in Dragon Quest Treasures uses a scout+item hand over. Individual differences for each monster

Square Enix updated the official website of Dragon Quest Treasure Treasure and the Ozora Compass (hereinafter, Dragon Quest Treasures) to reveal new information on the system.

Dragon Quest Treasures Treasure A Blue Eye and the Ozora Company is a treasure RPG. It will be a new spin-out work of the Dragon Quest series. Camus and his sister Maya, who appeared in Dragon Quest XI after the Dragon Quest XI released in 2017, are the main characters of this work, and they are set in a different world Dragon Discon that they lost in childhood. 。 There are various areas, and a wide variety of monsters live. Working with monsters to find a treasure. Regarding development, Square Enix and Tosse are jointly promoting.

Until now, information on treasure hunt has been released, but the monster system has been revealed this time. For monsters, a scout system is adopted. It is said that scouts may be successful after battle with monsters in the field. After returning to the base, monsters that scouted earlier are gathering. It seems to be officially joined by giving the items that monsters want to be friends.

It is said that monsters have their own evaluation (rank), and it seems that subscription conditions are difficult accordingly. It is said that the evaluation is divided into evaluation of rainbow, gold, silver, and copper. Looking at the public screenshots, the same slime has different ratings between slurin and slash. There seems to be individual differences in the same species of monsters. In addition, some monsters come to hear rumors even if they are active as a hunter.

Monsters have different individuality as races, and the number of treasures that they are good at and have different treasures. On the field, it seems that you can exceed obstacles by using the abilities of each monster. For example, powerful monsters can be high jump, feathers and jumping monsters can glide. A fast monster can be dashed, and if you have a low posture or a non-enthusiastic monster, you can dive into the ground. If you have a monster with a sharp perception, you can search. These differences are likely to be the criteria for choosing monsters. Check out the official website for details.

Regarding this work, I am in charge of producer Taichi Inuzuka. Inuzuka is the person who has been overseeing the Dragon Quest Monsters series. As a gathering of the Dragon Quest Monsters series, a scout system that involves the probability has been adopted, but in this work, it has been introduced as a flow of putting one cushion and passing items. This work is different from the Dragon Quest Monsters series, and is the main purpose of searching for treasures = items. It may be that the item passing system has been introduced as a motivation for collecting items based on such a concept.

Dragon Quest His Treasures will be released on December 9 for Nintendo Switch. The price is 7990 yen including tax for both the package and download version.

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