Need for Speed Report shares the update on the next game of the series

Royal Battle (バトル · ロワイアル, Baton Rowdier), likewise abbreviated Br, is a Japanese film routed by Kanji Murasaki, released in 2000. This film is the adaptation of Motion Tatami s eponymous novel, published in 1999 and also which was likewise adjusted (under the same title) in manga. It is complied with by Royal Battle 2: Requiem, understood in 2003 by Kenya Murasaki, a film writer of the first opus and also boy of Kanji that passed away during the shoot.

In March, the new and untitled recessing of the speed of development was delayed until 2022 so that its developer, criterion, could help says in the development of Battle 2042. This was the last thing we knew about the game, up to this week. Bringing Twitter, privileged information of the industry and filter Tom Henderson transmitted the news that most of the team that has been working on in Fatally 2042 is happening to other projects, including the developers that make up Criterion, who, according to Henderson, They have returned to work in the next delivery of the necessity of speed series.

Before delaying the game in March, the last thing I had to say about the new necessity of speed game is that is bringing some amazing visual jumps, courtesy of a team, criterion, that has launched some of the most games Valued in the history of the franchise ». Beyond this, we have not seen any significant footage of the game, nor have we received any significant details about the game.

What we do know is that you will reach PS5, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. What we do not know is whether you will reach PC, PS4 or Xbox One. That said, until we receive more details about the game, the fans should continue to be made up With Need for Speed Heat, the last entry of the series, which was launched in 2019.

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« Need for Speed: Heat may not be so full of options or refined as the Fora Horizon series, but Ghost Games still offers a pleasant experience for the fans of street racing«, says a propaganda of our revision of Need for Speed Heat. The world is beautiful, the soundtrack is adjusted to the southern theme of Florida and there are infinite personalization options. More importantly, the game is fluent and only presents a technical error. Need for speed: Heat may not be changing the race genre, but the first experiences make it look like a solid return for the series, although finding other runners in online mode can be quite difficult.

As always, feel free to enter the comments section with your thoughts or, alternatively, contact me on Twitter. Tyler Fischer and let me know there. What do you want to see in the next? Necessity of speed game?

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