A Hungarian Twitch Streamer has attacked a server INNEW WORL a few days ago. The inhabitants of the server called to banish the streamer. In fact, this has obviously worked out. The streamer feels cheated and says people endangered his livelihood. He also feels insulted as Hungarian, people thought they could rum on the streamer one small country.

That s the situation:

We have reported on Meinmmo on Sunday that the Hungarian Twitch-Streamr Kriszhadvice has discovered its community via server transfer to the English-speaking aquila and took areas there. The players on the server threw him to destroy New World for them. It was said that would be on the server Rumzergen, also other players reports and thus ensure that they are banned with his community. She asked his spell from New World and Twitch. The streamer asserted his innocence: he said people could not defend their area in the PVP and would now defend it by balking him. He would not be aware of any fault: he only reported people who had bothered him before. He asked Amazon to support him and protect him from such allegations.

The clip shows an example of behavior through which the streamer feels harassing. In earlier cases he had apparently reported the annoying:

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They think they could skip so with the people of Hungary!

This is the new development: As the streamer reports on Instagram (via Instagram), he has actually been banned from New World. He has received a short spell for disturbing behavior. But although the spell lasted only a few days, the biggest streamer of Hungary is angry.

According to him, his opponents would have managed to tackle Amazon and banned.

The streamer feels cheated. He says, articles have already been published on news pages that show how he was cheated — because people would have looked at that exactly.

He says:

Maybe you think you can easily rum around me because I m a streamer from a small country and do not have millions of followers. They think they could jump with the residents of Hungary as they would like.


He says he had only been banned for one or two fake stories and clips that were torn out of the context. The spell endanger its livelihood.

The Twitch Strea now expects an apology and that people are becoming accountable.

Kriszhadvice also announces to publish a video of the truth.

This post also has more than 6000 Likes on Instagram now. So many had his Instagram post, with which he asked his community to switch with him to the server aquila, which you then overflowed.

A problem that becomes clear here is that in New World obviously the report system is exploited to provide advantages:

Players are now banned in New World so they do not participate in wars

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