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Sony yesterday revealed his latest plans for his subscription service PlayStation Plus. We had reported that the previous PlayStation Plus with PlayStation NOW is merged into a shared service.

About the new PlayStation Plus with its three tariffs and the model of a subscription service for games in general, PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan voice with

According to Ryan, the subscription of Sony has gained significantly important in recent years, which is based on the 48 million PlayStation Plus subscribers who have been reached since 2010.

The chief of PlayStation goes from a growing number of subscribers in the coming years. But the level of how to know it from Netflix and Spotify, you will not achieve with services for games.

Ryan sees a continuation of the trend in live service games ahead, which has provided in recent years for a good growth in the game industry.

“Some of the live services [games], which prove very successful today, and I do not limit this remark to the consoles, are basically self-subscription services. And they are very tailored to the needs of players who love a game with which you spend many hours each month for month. This phenomenon of the live service game has the enormous growth of the game industry, which we have experienced in the last ten years, to a large extent driven. I think this trend will continue to live services, and if you are looking for a model in our entertainment category, which supports continued employment over a long period of time, then live service games better in this scheme as a Subscription service. “



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