Ready about DFB: The fresh blood is missing

The longtime Bundesliga manager Andreas Ratig sees encrusted structures as a major problem with the German Football Association (DFB) and wishes, among other things, a stronger involvement of young people. Based on politics, no matter how to say to Jusos, the young Union or the green youth, I would very welcome a representation of young people, said Rettig in the interview with the kölner city indicator.

For the former managing director of the German Football League (DFL), it is currently highest questionable whether the DFB is the right people in the responsibility. This also has to do with the typical career path within the association.

So far, it is usually like this: to become DFB president, you have to complete an ochsentour of the circle across the district to the association to be regional at some point, said Rettig: Then you have a gray beard and white hair — and ends up in the DFB Presidium, but has forged alliances for 25 years. The system precisely causes these dependencies that can do more damage to German football, so we do not get fresh blood in the DFB. In the future, the knowledge of the base must be much better used.

In addition, the 58-year-old, meanwhile managing director of third division Viktoria Cologne, crimped that in German football no longer the umbrella organization offered the sound. The DFB has made the directive competence from the DFL from the hand, you have to say clearly, says Rettig. For example, the planning for the future of professional football, which the DFL is currently implementing with a taskforce, actually task of the overall association. But the DFB is apparently no longer able to tackle decisive topics before louder employment with himself.

But the displacement of the forces in the direction of the DFL is ultimately connected with the currently acting persons. Had Christian Seifert not DFL managing director, but DFB president, would be different. Then the DFB would be the locomotive, said Rettig.

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