Residence of the Dragon: Dramatic developments in Episode 3!

time jump in Westeros

Considering that the occasions of the last episode 2 years have passed, and a lot has actually happened during this moment. So there is one more successor with Argon . He is the child of King Misery and Aliment Hightower, who are currently wed. Does Misery still make his son an official successor? Also, though he actually made his child the successor. Chandra himself is afraid that it will occur. For King Misery as well as his followers, it most likely to the Kings wood forest.

Future preparation at the Targaryen

Misery actually wants to see his daughter satisfied, there is a disagreement in the Kings wood woodland. Chandra after that trips far from Prison Cole on her steed, who wishes to persuade her to return to her father’s camp. During the night the two are attacked by a bear that they need to safeguard themselves versus. The princess finally returns with the dead bear and also Prison Cole. After that, partners for Chandra are reviewed again in the camp.

Does Chandra have to hand in the iron throne?

While involved suggested an involvement by Labor Velar yon as well as the king’s daughter, Otto is speaking to his daughter. Below he talks regarding his concerns that Chandra, as the successor, would certainly give dramatic scenes in Westeros . In his opinion, the leaders of the kingdoms for Argon as an inheritance \ others might also result in a war in Westeros .



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