Test these half-god powers in expeditions after

While we are moving forward in the next generation of games, we are expecting more and more what our games will do for us. We want to get the most out of it, and most multiplayer loot shooters offer a kind of games in the form of a live service or service plan that allows the game to continue to be updated, added and improved over the course of time to maintain the rhythm. forward. People Can Fly has promised since the first day that Outriders is absolutely not this kind of game. There are no seasonal pass, there are no microtransactions, it’s not free or games in As long as service. All experience is ready to use.

While many — me including — were relieved to know that we were going to have a complete story, some were quite skeptical about the longevity of the game. After all, this genre is often reserved for loot lovers, players who want to find a Reason to get started on increasingly difficult terrains. With a campaign mode defined to last 25 to 30 hours per character (and the players each having six character locations in four classes to choose from) as well as 30 to 60 overtime of secondary missions, quests and activities, which has Already a lot of time to invest in a game. In fact, if you only play it once in a perfect race as a unique character, it would cost less than one dollar per hour! In any case, fans begged to know more about what we can do once the campaign is over and — we assume — that the mystery of the signal has been resolved. After several months of waiting, we finally have an answer: shipments.

Somewhere between an attack and a raid, expeditions are only playable once the main campaign completed. There are 14 expeditions in which participate, each in a completely new place where the players have never been before, and each one housing its own story of Hénoch. These areas will also present their own unique mechanisms and enemies that we do not see anywhere else in the game.

The challenge levels are the most important factor for those looking to enjoy the grind. Similar to the global levels of the main campaign, shipments offer 15 levels of challenge levels to be unlocked according to your ability to survive the adventure. The higher your level of challenge, the greater the rewards offered to you, but that is not called a challenge for nothing. Enemies will become more difficult and more brutal exceeding everything you have faced before. The levels of the players will reach a maximum of 30, but finish expeditions on higher challenges will see enemies — and the awards — appear to a much larger number; Until level 50 in fact!

By exploring the bloodbath of expeditions, enemies will not let go of any loot as they would in the main countryside. Instead, all your won gifts will appear at the very end of the race — provided you have survived. In the small sample that we saw during broadcast 4, the highest level rewards for the fastest execution time were 15 minutes with the lowest reward at 30. This is of course only For this special expedition, so expect that they take a little time before you get your strategy both and you build a science. Expeditions are designed to be particularly difficult for players to test their skills while trying to improve the best constructions to face the most dangerous circumstances that Hénoch has to offer.

If expeditions do not resemble your cup of tea, the developers have said in the past that you can expect to have the opportunity to replay any mission of history you love, as well as to clean all secondary activities, missions, bonuses and incomplete hunts. may have delayed. Whatever you choose to do, there are many options in the post-match once you have discovered the truth of the signal-not to mention jumping in a game of friends to help them and show your legendary hard equipment to cook! We can’t wait to dive to see more! Make sure to consult our in-depth dive on more than 100 mods for outriders to help you start your trip to Enoch, as well as our in-depth examination of each of the four classes: TrickSter, Pyromancer, Devastator and Technomance.



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