The best nature for BombBirdier in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet provide players with many opportunities for choosing a Pokémon and joining their team. Regardless of whether they decide to add new Pokémon to a mixture or to adhere to the trusted and real favorites of fans instead, the game has a good selection of both. At the initial stages of collecting a good Pokemon team, it would be worthwhile to spend some time to determine which natures are best suited to each monster. Players who need help with these naturals can continue reading below to find the best nature for the scarlet and violet Pokémon.

Bombardier is autonomous, like Law, with a set of Flying and Dark. He has quite average characteristics in all directions, except attack and special attack. Since he has a high attack and a relatively low special attack, it would be nice to track the bomber that can use his strengths. It can also be a good way to improve the bombardier speed so that he can apply powerful attacks before his enemies.

  • Adamant (+attack, a special attack)
  • Cheerful (+speed, a special attack)

It is also worth noting that Bombardier does not have special techniques obtained naturally, therefore, for this Pokémon, it is especially important to avoid an emphasis on a special attack. For this reason, the best trees for Bombardier would be an adamant or cheerful.

Those who are looking for the best nature for Pokémon should remember several factors: personal style of play, basic statistics of Pokémon and its pools of movements. The nature that players choose should usually rely on their best characteristics, while playing within the pool of Pokémon movements. And although, for example, you can advise nature that improves special attacks if the player never uses the movement of a special attack, this will not be the best way for his Pokémon.

It is necessary to view the pool of the Pokémon movements to make sure that it has movements necessary for the use of its nature. A Pokémon that does not have access to excellent special attacks should not be given nature, which increases its characteristic of a special attack. The table below can help players make the right decision about what nature is suitable for them.

Nature Increased characteristics Reduced characteristics Lonely Attack Protection Adamant Attack Special attack Naughty Attack Special protection Brave Attack Speed Brave Protection Attack mischievous Protection Special attack Lax Protection Special attack Relaxed Protection Speed Modest Special attack Attack Insignificant Special attack Protection Rash Special attack Special protection Quiet Special attack Speed Calm Special protection Attack Delicate Special protection Protection Caution Special protection Special attack Daring Special protection Speed Timid Speed Attack Hasty Speed Protection Cheerful Speed Special attack Naive Speed Special protection Hardy — — obedient — — Shy — — Bad — — Serious — -

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