The best nature for Pauniard, Bisharpa and Kingambita in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

Pokémon Scarlet and Wales prepared for us a lot of evolutionary surprises, and Kin gambit is one of them. Kin gambit is the new Bisharp evolution. Bisharp turns into one, defeating the three other iShares who hold the coat of arms of the leader. Thus, choosing the best nature for the Awkward line, you should take into account the statistics of Kin gambit now, and not just Bisharm.

The best natures for Spaniard, Bishop and Kin gambit in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are as follows:

  • Caution (+SP. ZAM.,-SP. AAK)
  • Impudent (+SP. Cash.,-speed)
  • Adamant (+attack, –SP. Attack)
  • Brave (+attack, soreness)

Kin gambit is a well-developed Pokémon that has only two shortcomings: SP. Attack and speed. This means that you can build it (and Bishop) the way you want, just sacrificing the growth of one of these two characteristics. For example, Kin gambit has a rather high attack, so its strengthening will make it extremely deadly. Nevertheless, it also has a pretty good characteristic of protection, so adding additional points to SP. Def is going to make this Pokémon with a comprehensive tank.

To choose the best nature for your Pokémon, look at their characteristics with the highest and lowest values. Choose a nature that will either strengthen high characteristics, or slow down the growth of the lowest (since they do not need it). If you are not sure enough to make a decision, you can always choose a neutral nature that does not increase and slows down the growth of any characteristics.

Nature Increased characteristics Reduced characteristics Lonely Attack Protection Adamant Attack Special attack Naughty Attack Special protection Brave Attack Speed Brave Protection Attack mischievous Protection Special attack Lax Protection Special attack Relaxed Protection Speed Modest Special attack Attack Insignificant Special attack Protection Rash Special attack Special protection Quiet Special attack Speed Calm Special protection Attack Delicate Special protection Protection Caution Special protection Special attack Daring Special protection Speed Timid Speed Attack Hasty Speed Protection Cheerful Speed Special attack Naive Speed Special protection Hardy — — obedient — — Shy — — Bad — — Serious — -

To obtain additional information about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, read Best Nature for Iron Thorns in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet and Best Nature for Fletching, Fletcher and Talon flame in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet here, on the guidelines for the game.



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