The Cycle: Frontier A Powerful Discovery Quest Guide

The powerful discovery quest in The Cycle: Frontier is issued by the head of the operational department Korolev-Vadim Tanaev.

This quest is a simple and simple way to earn worthy awards, including faction points (FP). The fraction glasses can be used to increase the level of various fractions in the game.

This quest mainly requires you to track down and destroy some enemies, and also deliver them. This quest is divided into seven different parts, each of which is described in detail in the next guide.

The first part of this quest is simple and understandable. All you need to do is visit a couple of locations in the game. You do not have to do anything in these places, just pass by either through them, and the target will be fulfilled.

In total, you have to visit three locations. All three locations are on the crescent waterfall, which is a more complex map. The places are as follows:

  • Geothermal power plant
  • Sennaya fields
  • Skeleton observation place


  • 310 FP
  • 8x Royal Certificate
  • 7100x crypto tags

The second part of this quest is further divided into two targets. In this part you have to conduct a number of murders.

You must carry out these liquidations using a certain weapon-PKR Malestrom. This is a semi-automatic shotgun, it can be difficult to kill enemies from it, depending on your skills. You can purchase PKR Malestrom for 22,000 crypto masses from the queen.

Firstly, you must track and destroy any 25-fold creatures using PKR Malestrom. Secondly, you must eliminate any 3-fold prospectors using PKR Malestrom.

You can carry out these liquidations on any map, anywhere. The goal will be fulfilled in any case.


  • 380 FP
  • 1x blue helmet
  • 11x Osiris Certificate
  • 7800x cryptometeles

The first step towards the implementation of this part of the quest is to find the missing engineer. The missing engineer can be found in the cave of the building on the lake. Luxade building is located on the map of the Fols Cross. The cave has several inputs, just cling to the edge of the cliff next to the bridge, and in the end you will find the entrances.

The second step is to find evidence of Letuum. This evidence is located next to the engineer, whom you found in the previous step. You must choose these evidence and deliver them to the queen.

The last step towards the end of this part is the tracking and destruction of any three-time creatures wandering around this area. Fortunately, you can find a few strictors wandering around this area, just kill them, and everything will be fine.


  • 380 FP
  • 11X Royal Certificate
  • 9400x crypto tags

The first and second goals of this part of the quest require you to commit a series of murders. You must destroy any 15-fold creatures in:

  • Warehouse of the spaceport
  • Favel

The last goal of this part is to deliver the queen of 20 spinal supports. Spinal bases can be obtained by killing enemy mobs. Sometimes they have a chance to reset Spinal Base, which increases if you kill a mob during Storm. You can get enough of these Spinal Bases by completing the first two tasks.


  • 380 FP
  • 11X Royal Certificate
  • 9400x crypto tags

Part 5 of this quest is mainly a cache. You must hide a couple of objects in the cache of the eastern collection point. Here you need to hide in a total of 2 biological samplers and 3 containers for samples.

This cache is on a map of bright sands. It will be found underground, you need to enter the eastern gathering point in order to get to it.

Biological samplers can be found in medical cases and hidden hiding places, often in waterfall laboratories and vaccines laboratories. Containers with samples can be found in civilian cabinets and refrigerators.


  • 480 FP
  • 5 smoke grenades
  • 5x grenades
  • 14X Royal Certificate
  • 10 000x cryptometeles

The sixth part of this quest is a delivery task. All you need to do is deliver the queen of 3 drives with valuable data, and that’s all.

Drivers with valuable data are violet/epic rarity discs. There are two ways to get these discs with data; You can find them on the basis of communication (light sands) or buy from the ICA fraction.

As soon as you get data discs, you must update them to a valuable state. Workstations where you can update them are located in several places, namely; The northern upward channel, the southeastern upward channel and the communication base. Update them to the Purple option, and you will receive several valuable discs with data.


  • 600 FP
  • 19X Royal Certificate
  • 11 000x cryptometeles

Part 7-the last part of the powerful discovery quest. This is a simple and understandable task. All you need to do is destroy any 15-fold creatures in two specific places on the Cresscent Falls map. Two places: Greens Prospect and Pinnacle Labs. Awards * 600 FP * 19X Royal Certificate * 9400x crypto tags

Having completed all 7 parts of the powerful opening quest, you will receive a large backpack as a reward; A worthy accessory that allows you to store more objects in the raid.



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