The Smurfs Mission Mission Malfeuille: a little gameplay that makes you want to get from Smurf

So far remained very static, the Smurfs Mission Mission malfruit will finally move in its first real trailer, not a simple teaser. With the presentation of the main tool of small blue men for this adventure, the vaporisachtroumpf, which will allow fantasies, we can get an idea of ​​the in-game rendering of this mixture of action and 3D platform obviously very very colored.

You want from the context for this excursion where you can embody the Smurfette, the Sktroumpf Costaud, the Smurf in Glasses and the Smurf Cook? We will give you:

In a dusty grimoire found at the bottom of his laboratory, the Gargamel sorcerer has just put his hand on the formula of a malefic plant: the malfruit.

This plant produces seeds that have the power to attract and capture the Smurfs … But this plant also represents a great danger for the forest because it is very toxic!

The Great Smurf then takes things in hand, and asks the Smurfs to help them find the ingredients of an overwhelming antidote to cure the plants affected by the malfruit. Armed with VaporisSachtroumpf, a revolutionary invention of the Smurf Smurf, go to the adventure to free your comrades Smurfs … and save the entire forest!

Mission Mission Mission Mission is expected for October 26 on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | s.