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TUNIC , «The game of the Zelda type” for friends, takes a long time in the heads of the gamers. Almost four years ago, during the E3 conference of a Microsoft who had not yet bought your family, Andrew Shouldice showed something more his first proposal with a trailer that came into farther than the previous year, during the PC Gaming Show From 2017. We all remained on those precious graphics in low poly, of an adorable bit that would personify our wakes and a halo of mystery that seemed to surround the game in all its forms. Although it has already been seen in any other time of demos, after a multitude of delays and almost seven years of development, we can finally say that Tunic is already officially here.

Since its inception, and coinciding with the view in its test versions or the first trailers, it reaffirms its great inspiration in the Saga The Legend of Zelda with our protagonist stranded on a beach, the purest Link’s Awakening style. The references do not end there, because almost the first thing we will find is a small cave inside a mountain where our first weapon will be awaiting ourselves that seem to shout at the face that “it’s dangerous to go alone,” with a simple stick as an offering to go heating. Inspiration, in fact, extends to the distribution of the buttons: that weapon can be equipped on the X, Y or B buttons (of the Xbox control) in the same way as any other tool or consumable of our inventory, in the same way That they forced us to make these classic zeldas, something that can weigh more than the account when it comes to streamlining the use of some key objects that allow us to advance. The view from above (in this case isometric), the design of its mapping or the scheme of its objectives do not stay outside in what reminds the Nintendo franchise, but at all that means that the game lacks its own charisma.

It is not easy for a study to debut within the industry by marking a solid and attractive identity, but I can not help a comparison with Super Meat Boy’s premiere. Edmun McMillen also launched himself to development almost alone, with a title clearly inspired by another emblematic saga of Nintendo as he is Super Mario Bros., to the share point. The base is evident and this time it is nothing more than a two-dimensional movement next to a jump button, but its platform game knew by itself thanks to its difficulty, to its fluency and its frenetism, marking its own identity With a tone and style that they would end up marking a universe as big as The Binding of Isaac. In the absence of a magic ball that teaches us the future, which can already be assured is that Shouldice does not conform to stay in a forgettable clone, and proposes a reimagination of the premise of the Zelda contributing his own personality, so overwhelming that he stands out By itself.

This personality is based on the detailed, in the mysterious, as an intriguing of what Tunic has to offer, in a sense of adventure and discovery, always under the ignorance and the overwhelming of an environment that will not make us facilities. From good at the beginning we can confirm that the game is practically lacking texts, or at least some that we can understand, because the posters we can find out there are written with totally illegible runes. All this, together with the envelope, omminosa and environmental music by Terence Lee (Lifeformed), make up a sense of vulnerability, of being lost in a universe complex that works fully independently to us and does not put too much on your part for giving us the hand.

Our only ally here, and is what for me represents a role (hehe) almost main character, is the instruction manual to which we will have access from the beginning. The manual, yes, you will only have the pages that we have found distributed by the world of TUNIC, and at first the tutorial of the controls and a basic guide of the environment, menus and enemies. The manual is, for all purposes, what Shouldice would have wanted to include physically with the disk of the game, and is made with the greatest of the details both in its design and in the pen annotations written on some pages, passing even For the movement by moving from one blade to another. However, and although sometimes this small guide will be practically essential to advance the main (and for a few secret things), something that will make us learning things about their world throughout the course of our adventure. Now, it will not be easy for us: the information will mix texts in our language with the apparently illegible runes of the game, so sometimes it will require us to take our own role to carry out our own research.

The demand that TUNIC proposes, in addition, takes it to all facets that form the personality of it. The important thing that is missing here, as you imagine, is combat, probably one of the most surprising game characteristics starting from the base of such a friendly visual style, in contrast to a latent hostility towards the player in many of its dimensions. It seems clear that in this sense baby from the last stage of Software (sorry the Darksoulsreference), not only with a design of levels with shortcuts, bonfires and their own licenses playing with the perspective and the hidden roads, but also in the pesos And the rhythms of their fights.

Of course, Tunic is not much less a combat system with such depth, because there is only one sword available beyond the few pumps, spells or lures that we want to use, but at all times we will have to be attentive to our enemies And even the most harmless putty can put us on a hurry. Nor is it worth here to burst the Hiking button, because if our stamina bar empty we can not run or stop the blows with the shield, and for more I INRI enemy attacks will make us more damage. However, although it is true that most of the rins will be more becoming as we climb our level attributes, the difficulty of some bosses will be what really put us tested and will force us to keep our eyes open and our reflections activated, being able to even cause some punctual attacker. And answering the most important question: Effectively, it has parry button, but its slowness and how little enemies last in state of stunning make it usually not worth the risk.

In general, the title of Shouldice maintains high level of severity even in one’s way of moving forward that at no time is explicitly indicated where we should go in every situation (something that does not help either is almost total lack of lack of Texts), so the only thing that remains will be to guide us for our own curiosity. People a new area with flower petals fluttering, putting the nose on a mysterious cave conveniently placed or even feeling more ready in the account when we challenged the isometric perspective and we sought into a secret passage after trees are some of the examples that we are They will motivate continue to cross the sinuous Tunic sites.



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