Where to find the Vintage cat food can in Fortnite

Do you want to know where to find old cat food cans in Fortnite? Check our guide!

The week 11 has begun and it is time to get all fortnite challenges made so you can get them out of the way and play freely, without them in your mind. This week was as exciting as every other week of the season. Although everyone thought that there would have been an Among US Crossover, the fortnite Impter Mode turned out not to be a crossover at all.

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For now, it is time to finish this week’s missions. You will have to go to steep cliffs or malicious corner for this. You must collect an old cat food can in any of these places to complete the challenge of Doctor Slone . Two weeks ago there was a challenge related to the subliminal extraterrestrial messages and these messages were hidden in cat food ads on advertising fences, so now Dr. Slone needs to investigate this matter more thoroughly.

Steep cliff locations



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